Zimbabwe: Transgender activist wins court case against police


Transgender activist Ricky Nathanson was awarded $25,000 (£19,000) by a Zimbabwean court as compensation after police arrested her in 2014 for wearing female clothes and using a ladies toilet in a hotel, she and her lawyers have said in a joint statement.

The Bulawayo High Court awarded Ms Nathanson the compensation for unlawful arrest, malicious prosecution and emotional distress, the statement added.

“This has been a long, emotional rollercoaster for me. I have waited almost 5 years for this moment. I am elated,” Ms Nathanson said.

“This is an incredibly life-changing decision. It is a great moment for Zimbabwe. It affirms and recognizes the fundamental human rights, freedoms and dignity of all citizens,” she added.

MsNathanson was detained for 48 hours in 2014 and charged with criminal nuisance after she used a women’s toilet at the hotel in Bulawayo.

She sued the police following her acquittal in a magistrate’s court. (Source: BBC)