Zimbabwe court denies bail for reporter Hopewell Chin’ono over ‘false story’ tweet


A Zimbabwean court denied prominent journalist and government critic Hopewell Chin’ono bail on Thursday, nearly a week after he was arrested for allegedly communicating falsehoods.

Mr. Chin’ono was arrested for the third time in six months last Friday after he retweeted a widely circulated video that a police officer had allegedly beaten an infant to death.

The police say the story was not true and arrested Mr. Chin’ono, charging him with communicating a false story.

The High Court in Harare upheld the state’s contention that Mr. Chin’ono is likely to commit more crimes if he is released on bail because he had committed the current offence while waiting to go to court on two similar offences.

There are also two other pending court cases against him arising from unrelated arrests in July and November last year.

Last year, he spent a month in jail awaiting bail.

Mr. Chin’ono says he’s being targeted for criticising President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government and exposing corruption.

Mr. Chin’ono’s lawyers say they plan to appeal against the bail ruling. (Source: BBC)