Zambian singer and anti-corruption activist freed on bail


After his arrest on Saturday, December 21, for addressing a youth meeting, controversial Zambian musician and anti-corruption campaigner Fumba Chama has been freed on bail.

The musician, who performs under the name Pilato, told the BBC he would continue with his activism.

His arrest showed there were “scared little men and women somewhere who are benefiting from our corrupt systems,” but he would not be “intimidated” into giving up the campaign for greater transparency and accountability, Chama said.

Pilato has charged with holding an “unlawful assembly” in the southern city of Livingstone on Saturday.

His colleagues – Laura Miti and Bornwell, who were detained while trying to secure his release – have also been freed on bail.

Under the Public Order Act, organisers of public meetings are required to inform the police in advance about their plans

Police usually block meetings deemed to be of a political nature, citing inadequate manpower to police the gatherings.

Pilato, whose music is a fusion of rap and hop, is a social commentator through his music.

He has been detained before and in 2017 he fled to South Africa after receiving death threats for his song Koswe Mumpoto (Rat in the Pot), which was interpreted as being critical of Mr Lungu and his ministers. (Source: BBC)