Yemen repatriates six Saudi detainees back to Saudi Arabia


Six Saudi detainees in Yemen have been repatriated to Saudi Arabia on January 01 following an agreement between Saudi authorities and Ansarullah. The repatriation has been facilitated by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

“We are happy to see a momentum occurring with the release of detainees that has been happening on both sides,” said Freya Raddi, the ICRC’s Deputy Head of Delegation in Yemen. “Today is important as six more families will be reunited. It is a special moment when this happens, and we are honoured to be part of it.”

Before the operation, the ICRC verified that the detainees wished to be repatriated via pre-departure interviews at its offices. The ICRC provided a plane to repatriate the detainees.

The ICRC sees the release as a positive step and hopes that it will spur further releases and repatriations of conflict-related detainees.

An ICRC medical staff member was present prior to the release to assess the health conditions of the detainees and respond to any medical needs. A doctor confirmed that the detainees were fit to travel.

The ICRC is acting as a neutral intermediary to facilitate these repatriations and was not involved in any negotiations that preceded the release. (Source: ICRC)