Women empowerment: An advocate’s very personal journey


By Henri Abenis-Macahilo

When budding entrepreneur Love Charmaine Uychoco put up the event and talent management company Prodigy Bureau, she realised she could make the company a good platform that would serve as springboard for her advocacy on women empowerment.

Being a mother of five daughters, she wanted to be their role model in educating, equipping and motivating women so they could rise above challenges and weaknesses and created Prodigy Bureau Global Women Speakers, the organisers of Global Women Empowerment Summit Worldwide (GWES).

In November 2020, amid the pandemic restrictions, Love Charmaine successfully pulled the GWES in Dubai, attended by a member of Dubai’s royal family and prominent speakers from all over the world.

But just like many successful stories, GWES started small and humble four years ago before becoming what is it today.

“It all started with my passion for empowering women. (GWES) had a very humble beginning. I just simply gathered women in my circle to talk about the topic they love. We had only 20 people then,” said Love Charmaine.

For last year’s GWES event, Love Charmaine had to ‘’play everything by ear” as UAE, like other major destinations, was on partial lockdown. But as soon as she was given the go signal to hold the event outdoors, she immediately sprung back to action, called up contacts and sponsors for the much needed backing and the rest, as they say, is history.

“Last year, there were 25 applications for permits to hold an event. Only three got the permits – two were semi-government and mine. So that was my go signal and I started calling my sponsors to tell them “I got my permit! You have to support me!” so that’s it. They were all there,” she quipped, recounting the events leading up to the summit’s show dates.

GWES 2020’s The PINK RUNWAY – Cancer Survivor Fashion Show with Leilah Meftah Couture (Photo: Milo Torres/Love Charmaine Facebook)

Johnson & Johnson and RAK Hospital, DOCIB Health Care and Gargash Hospitals were among GWES 2020 major sponsors.

Love Charmaine is currently the managing partner and COO of Prodigy Bureau with offices in Dubai and in the Philippines. The company manages world class speakers, global speaker provider and creator of inspirational and social – awareness events.

“We call ourselves the “House of Wonder Events, Home of Prodigies”, wherein we see to it that we organize quality events of which, we touched hearts, changed lives and make a difference to every event we undertake and this is what distinguishes us from other events company in the country.”

Prodigy Bureau’s next big project is GWES 2021, which Love Charmaine wants to hold for three long weeks in her home country, the Philippines between November 12 and 28.

“(This) year, I will be in the Philippines to organise that biggest global women empowerment summit in history – the Global Women Empowerment Summit 2021 that will be in Manila, Cebu and Davao. It will be under the patronage of our beloved Senator Manny Pacquiao, so we will bring the whole event to the Philippines,” she concluded.


About the author: Henri Abenis-Macahilo is the UAE Bureau Chief of Philippine-based news portal, NewsLinePH. She writes articles for Rights Corridor as freelance contributor.