Wellness, Technology, Fashion: Empowering women from inside out


Staff Report (Updated (6:50 GMT +1)

As one of its prelude for a global event in the Philippines this year, Prodigy Global Network has recently held a fully packed three-day forum for women of all ages and profession in Dubai and across the Emirates.

The Wellness, Technology, Fashion Woman 2021 (WTF Woman 2021) held in April, has helped its women audience become more well-rounded, sophisticated and confident with its line-up of interactive sessions – zumba, yoga, health and wellness, healing and transformation, fashion and style, arts appreciation, digital marketing and financial literacy.

On the first day of the event, WTF 2021 organisers have invited breast cancer survivors who poignantly spoke of their personal battle against the disease and of their inspirational journey to healing. The testimonies of Tara Rowledge, Dr. Sharon Dreisbach, and Yasmin Hussain were followed with breast cancer awareness talk by Dr. Nazia Salam, the highlight of the day’s event.

A talk on financial literacy and its significance to critical illness by financial expert, Asha Sharma was the concluding session of day one.

The second day of the event was focused on health and wellness. Medical specialists gave lectures on various topics pertinent to women’s health. Dr. Mariam Awatai, spoke on maternal and foetal care, while Orthodontist, Dr. Henna Shaikh talked about dental care. Annette Weigand, talked about herbal remedies for spine care.

American general practitioner Dr. Iza Hehre, founder of OVI Healthcare, a charity institution that gives free life-saving treatment to vulnerable and abandoned children in Africa, was the day’s special guest who flew all the way from Africa to grace the event.

Dr. Hehre inspired the audience with her story of how she chose to leave a comfortable life in America to settle in Africa where she helped and continues to help hundreds of children, showing them complete care that goes way beyond physical health.

Unique sessions on intuitive transformation and healing that were filled with upliftment were given by Nisha Sanjeev, transformation strategist; Ramona Djeffal, intuitive transformation mentor, Fatima Al Moosawi, environmentalist and eco-entrepreneur, Liesa Euton, rapid transformational therapist, and business owner Chanda Lokendra.

The afternoon sessions were equally engaging as experts on innovation and technology, including Sharrah Khilawala, Dr. Ruchi Dana, Honey Pearl Pelaez, Aarti Trikannad, Sakiina Te Beest, gave the participants a crash course on how to be a digital savvy.

Saving the best for last, arts and fashion aficionados gave the participants a brief tour into the glamorous world of fine arts and fashion, with a bonus portion on styling tips. Speakers included, Ella Orencillo, a multi-disciplinary artist, Amina Konate, fashion designer, Yasmin Hussain, photographer, and Lavanya Vikram, a skin anatomy expert.

WTF Woman 2021 was concluded on the third day with a red carpet gala event and awarding ceremonies at the upscale hotel on the iconic ocean liner, Queen Elizabeth II.

WTF Woman 2021 is a pet project of entrepreneur and event specialist Love Charmaine Uychoco, founder and COO of Prodigy Global Network, the company behind the success of Global Women Empowerment Summit Worldwide (GWES) held recently in Dubai. The next GWES will be held in the Philippines this November.