UN envoy condemns attack on children by Yemen’s Houthis


The UN Special Envoy for Yemen on Saturday condemned a Houthi attack that hit a residential neighborhood in Taiz that killed a child and injured 10 others.

The attack injured 11 boys and girls, mostly under the age of 10. Some of them are in critical condition. One boy later died of his injuries.

Hans Grundberg expressed his alarm at the attack considering it took place during a truce in the country which first came into effect in April and was then extended after an initial two-month period.

“The warring parties have obligations under international law to protect civilians. The killing and injuring of children is particularly reprehensible,” Mr. Grundberg said.

“The people of Taiz have suffered immensely through seven years of war, and they, too, need the truce to deliver for them in all its aspects,” the UN envoy said.

“I will continue engaging the parties to renew and expand the truce, and to ensure that Yemenis nationwide experience the protection, greater freedom of movement, and hope that it is meant to provide,” he added. (Source: Arab News)