UAE: New visa rule extends expats’ grace period after losing job


The UAE government has extended the grace period for expats who have lost their jobs, allowing them to stay from three to six months under the new visa reforms.

The announcement brings a major relief to the country’s migrant workers who have been made redundant, as the new rule will give them ample time to search for new jobs.

“We are relaxing the grace period one gets to leave the country after being made redundant. Instead of the previous 30 days, people will have 90 to 180 days to leave the country,” said Dr. Thani bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, UAE Minister of State for Foreign Trade.

The visa reforms are key legislative changes that are part of the UAE’s ‘Projects of the 50’ on restructuring of the entry and residency system, which is being upgraded to affirm the Emirates’ position in the Gulf region as an ideal destination for work, investment, entrepreneurship, education and life.

Other specific regulatory changes include:

– Extension of business trip permits from 3 months to 6 months

– Sponsorship of parents under the visa of direct family members

– One-year residency extension for humanitarian cases

– Extension of children’s age limit on parents’ residency from 18 to 25 years

– Extension of grace period upon job loss or retirement to 90-180 days

(Source: Khaleej Times)