Thai gay activists raise Pride flags in pro-democracy protest


Dancing and singing in the city centre of Bangkok, hundreds of gay Thai activists have raised rainbow flags in Bangkok during a pro-democracy rally in the capital.

Saturday’s rally was the latest in a series of youth-led protests calling for the government to resign. There were no reports of any violence during the rally.

“We’re here today mainly to call for democracy. Once we achieve democracy, equal rights will follow,” a young protester told Reuters.

He said that LGBT groups in Thailand “do not yet have equal rights in society, so we’re calling for both democracy and equality”.

General Prayuth Chan-ocha seized power in a coup in 2014, and was later named as prime minister by the military-appointed parliament.

In recent days Thai pro-democracy activists have been defying a government ban on public gatherings amid an ongoing coronavirus outbreak in the country in south-east Asia. (Source: BBC)