Thai authorities nab 31 Cambodian illegal migrants after tipped off


Thai authorities arrested three individuals for smuggling 31 illegal Cambodian migrants travelling in three pickup trucks on Saturday morning. Four other vehicles managed to flee.

The three Thais were charged with assisting illegal migrant workers.

Kittipong Sommana, assistant district chief of Khok Sung, said a combined team of police, local officials and defence volunteers were deployed to the Khok Samakkhi village checkpoint after receiving a tip-off that illegal Cambodian migrants would be entering the country via the route.

The team later spotted seven pickup trucks, four of which sped off from the checkpoint. Officials managed to intercept three other pickup trucks, said Mr. Kittipong.

A total of 31 Cambodians were inside the vehicles. None of them were able to show any entry documents when asked.

The migrants told officers they had crossed into Thailand at a border village in Khok Sung district and then got into the pickup trucks.

They were handed over to Khok Sung police for legal action. (Source: Bangkok Post)