TB outbreak present inside Tehran’s Fashafuyeh Prison, says rights activist


The Greater Tehran Central Penitentiary, also known as Fashafuyeh Prison in Iran, which is notorious for its appalling conditions and lack of hygiene, has around 40 inmates suffering from tuberculosis, a rights activist said.

In a tweet last February 07, Faezeh Abdipour, who is also the wife of detained Gonabadi Dervish, Mohammad Sharifi Moghadam, said that “[out of the]70 prisoners detained in Fashafuyeh Prison’s Section 4, 40 prisoners were suffering from tuberculosis”.

Their symptoms being cited includes coughing and throwing up of blood.

Abdipour said that there were previously similar reports of an HIV outbreak in the same prison.

Conditions have become even more horrifying after the mass arrests of protesters in recent protests. Many detained protesters in the capital were transferred to Fashahfuyeh, located 20 miles south of Tehran.

According to Hassan Khalil Abadi, a member of the Tehran City Council, the prison lacks basic facilities and prisoners are subjected to very hard conditions.

Rasoul Hoveida, a doctor and a Gonabadi Dervish detained in Fashafuyeh Prison since 2018, had said previously that the prison, which holds 15,000 prisoners, has “very few medical facilities and medicine”. He also said that the medical clinic was not sterile.

There were also reports that more than 180 prisoners are forced to stay in cells that are meant for 80 prisoners. Prisoners sleep for only a few hours in the hallways, near restrooms, and under beds due to the lack of space.  (Source: So Star Iran Post/Iran News Wire)