Rwanda court sentences Chinese man to 20 years in jail for torture


A court in Rwanda has sentenced a Chinese national to 20 years imprisonment after he was found guilty of torturing two men by whipping them while tied to a tree.

Sun Shujun was convicted by the court on Tuesday on charges of human torture and corporal punishment after a video showing him and the victims went viral last year.

A Rwandan man said to be his employee was also sentenced to 12 years in jail for abetting torture.

The victims are reported to have been former workers at a mine operated by Shujun in Rutsiro district and who were allegedly linked to theft.

Shujun said he had previously warned thieves after his belongings were repeatedly stolen.

In August 2021, the three-minute video went viral in Rwanda and led to the arrest of Shujun – who was later released on bail.

The video was taken by angry workers and shared on social media.

The Chinese embassy in Kigali condemned “unlawful acts” in the video and warned its citizens to follow local laws.

Witnesses told the court that Shujun had erected a cross where those suspected of stealing from him were tied and whipped. (Source: BBC)