Rights groups criticise Facebook for ‘gagging’ Kenya whistleblower


Dozens of rights groups and campaigners have called on Facebook to “drop all attempts to silence whistleblower Daniel Motaung”, accusing the tech giant of trying to “crush his efforts to improve labour conditions for Facebook moderators in Kenya and around the world”.

Mr. Motaung is suing Facebook and Sama, one of its contractors, in a Kenyan court.

He says he was paid about US$2.20 (£1.80) per hour by Sama to review posts including beheadings and child abuse.

In response, both Sama and Facebook applied for a gag order on Mr. Motaung, saying that he could prejudice the outcome of the case by talking to the media.

Facebook and its parent company Meta have not responded to the letter – which was signed by Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen, author Shoshana Zuboff, and the Africa Freedom of Information Centre, among others. (Source: BBC)