Rights Corridor tackles rising cases of deaths among Nepali migrant workers in the Gulf


Staff Report

Updated 13:00 (GMT+1) 

Human rights and migration experts Anurag Devkota of Law and Policy Forum for Social Justice (LAPSOJ-Nepal), Ms. Vani Saraswathi, Associate Editor and Director of Projects, Migrant-Rights.org, Dr. Naresh Sen, Ph.D., Secretary General/BOD and former VP of Nepal Association – NRNA UAE Community, Mr. Murtaza Khan, partner at Fragomen, the world’s largest immigration firm and representative of the GFMP’s Business Mechanism for the Middle East joins Rights Corridor managing director Froilan Malit, Jr. for an engaging discussion on the alarming increase in the number of deaths among Nepali migrant workers in Qatar and across the Gulf region.

In the April 17 episode of RC Dialogues titled, Nepali Migrant Deaths in the Gulf, Mr. Malit and the guest experts attempt to answer critical questions about the origin and host states’ responsibilities to protect the rights and welfare of migrant workers in Qatar, where at least 6,500 Nepal immigrants were reported to have died since the start of World Cup 2022 construction.

The human rights and migration experts also explore the causes and consequences of death incidents among Nepali and other migrant workers in Qatar and other Gulf states, to come up with recommendations on how to better address migrant vulnerabilities in the region.

Nepali Migrant Deaths in the Gulf is live-streamed on Rights Corridor Facebook page at 8:00am London, 11:00am Dubai and 1:00pm Nepal.