Labour Rights and Migration

Rights Corridor online platform examines the political, economic, social, and cultural determinants of labour rights, as well as their policy consequences on labour migrants, sending/receiving states, non-state actors, and international organizations across Asia-Middle East and Africa-Middle East migration corridors and beyond. Critical focus on unethical/illegal migrant recruitment, labor exploitation, human trafficking, information orientation programs (pre-departure and post-arrival programs), and access to justice, will be explored through publications and social media engagement. (Photo: ILO)


Is Ethical Recruitment in Asia-Gulf Migration Corridor Achievable? (May 14, 2021) Full video

  • British human rights defender, Andy Hall joined Rights Corridor Dialogues in a one-on-one talk with Rights Corridor managing director, Froilan Malit Jr., exploring the issue of ethical recruitment sector in the Asia-Gulf migration corridor, a specific region which reportedly has a thriving rate of unethical recruitment sector according to rights groups.


Reorganising Labour Migration Governance in the Philippines: Which Way? (May 07, 2021) Full video

  • Rights Corridor Dialogues has invited Ricardo Casco, former national officer and labour migration specialist at the International Organization for Migration (IOM) – Manila. The one-on-one interview and forum explored the issue of creating the Department of Overseas Filipinos (DOFil) for migrant workers with Rights Corridor managing director and RC Dialogue’s host Froilan Malit, Jr.
  • Forum participants: Philippine Ambassador to New Zealand, Jesus “Gary” S. Domingo; Philippine Consul General in Dubai and Northern Emirates, Paul Raymund Cortes; Philippine Labour Attache in Dubai and Northern Emirates, Felicitas Bay; Director of the Overseas Filipinos Program at PhilHealth, Chona Yap; former International Labor Organization (ILO) Deputy Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific, Thetis Mangahas; Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of the Philippines, Jean Franco; Development Action for Women Network (DAWN) Executive Director Carmelita Nuqui; Sinapan Samydorai, Regional Coordinator of Taskforce on ASEAN Migrant Workers; Dr. Stefan Rother, researcher and lecturer at the Department of Political Science, University of Freiburg, Germany; Dr. Sophie Henderson, migration policy researcher and environmentalist.


Impact of COVID-19 on migrants, migration flows and remittances: Focus on South and South East Asia (Oct. 27 – 28, 2020)

  • Organised and hosted the webinar series via ZOOM by the Centre on International Migration, Remittances and Diaspora (CIMRAD), of the Lahore School of Economics in Pakistan
  • Froilan Malit, Jr. managing director of Rights Corridor was one of the distinguished specialists who their presentations on Day 2 of the webinar series


Webinar Series on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support for Migrant Women Returnees (MWR) and Those in Destination Countries in the Midst of COVID-19 Pandemic (Oct. 14, 17, 21, 24, 2020) Watch complete series

  • Webinar series organised by Development Action for Women Network (DAWN) Philippines and the British Embassy Manila 
  • Open forum was facilitated by Froilan Malit, Jr. managing director of Rights Corridor and host of RC Dialogues 


Challenges in labour migration governance during the COVID-19 pandemic: The case of Thailand (October 16, 2020) Full video 

  • Informative discussion on its virtual program, RC Dialogues, which explored the current situation of the migrant workers in Thailand who were impacted by the global coronavirus pandemic
  • Guest speakers: Nithis Thammasaengadipha, a researcher at the at the Asian Research Center for Migration, Institute of Asian Studies, Chulalongkorn University, in Thailand and Sinapan Samydorai, regional coordinator of Task Force on ASEAN Migrant Workers (TFAMW)


Nepali State in Global Migration Corridors: Issues and Options (Sept 25, 2020)  Full video 

  • RC Dialogues takes a closer look at the prevailing issues that Nepali migrant workers have at this time of pandemic
  • Guest Speakers: Anuj Tiwari Ph.D., associate research fellow at Policy Research Institute (PRI), Government of Nepal; Anurag Devkota, Human Rights Lawyer at LAPSOJ – Nepal; Naresh Sen, Secretary General/BOD, former VP of Nepal Association – NRNA, UAE; Hari Krishna Neupane, Kuwait-based journalist, member of Shramik Sanjal Kuwait (migrant advocacy group focusing on Gulf and Malaysia)


Migration and Diaspora Philanthropy in the Gulf: Issues, Insights and Policy Options (Sept 18, 2020)  Full video

  • First episode of Rights Corridor and Development Action for Women Network (DAWN) Philippines collaboration webinar series
  • Guest speakers: Ekaterina Porras Sibolobova, founder of Project 189, an organisation focusing in the promotion and protection of migrant workers esp. in the Gulf region; Laliebeth Petancio, founder Tawid COVID Correspondents – Abu Dhabi


Onward and Outward Day Two: Strategy for Emigration Policy (Aug. 27 & 31, 2020) Full video (Day 1), Full video (Day 2)

  • A webinar series hosted by India Migration Now,  discussing the big questions around the future of emigration.
  • Rights Corridor managing director. Froilan Malit joined the line-up of distinguished personalities in the filed of migration, including Shabari Nair, Regional Migration Specialist, ILO-South Asia; Yogeshawar Sangwan, Joint Secretary & Protestor-Genneral of Emigrants, MEA, Govt. of India; and Dr. Meera Sethi, formerly of ILO, among others.


Multi-stakeholders Coordination on Health Service for Women Migrant Workers on Gender-Based Violence During the COVID-19 Pandemic (July 14 and 15, 2020)   Full video (Day 1) , Full video (Day 2)

  • Webinar consultation dialogues hosted by Development for Action Women Network (DAWN), in partnership with the UN Women-Philippines
  • Moderated by Froilan Malit, Jr. of Rights Corridor


COVID-19 As a Mobility Crisis: Repatriation of Migrant  from the Gulf States (May 29, 2020)   Full video

  • Webinar moderated by Ms. Edna Co, Director of CIFAL Philippines
  • Speakers: Undersecretary Sarah Lou Arriola of the Dept. of Foreign Affairs, Loreto Soriano, President of LBS Recruitment Solutions, Froilan Malit, Jr. of Rights Corridor, and Kristin Dadey, Chief of Mission, International Organization for Migration (IOM)- Philippines.


Gulf Migration: During and Aftermath of COVID-19 (May 27, 2020)   Full video 

  •  5th series of GRFDT (Global Research Forum on Diaspora and Transnationalism) Virtual Panel Discussion
  • Panelists: Moderator Shabari Nari (ILO-DWT, South Asia), Ganesh Gurung (Nepal Institute of Development Studies, Sri Lanka), Bilesha Weeraratne (Institute of Poha Studies, Sri Lanka), AKM Ahsan Ullah (University of Brunei, Brunei Darussalam, S. Irudaya (Raju Centre for Development Studies, India), Nasra Sha (Lahore School of Economics, Pakistan), Andrew Gardner (University of Puget Sound, USA, Froilan Malit, Jr. (University of Cambridge, UK)


Repatriation of Migrant Workers from GCC countries and Malaysia (May 20, 2020)    Full video

  • Webinar organised by Right to Return Campaign, moderated by Dr. Anuj Tiwari, Co-founder, Center for Migration and International Ralations (CMIR) and Rights Corridor contributor
  • Speakers: Abdullah Al Mammun Nasim (Program Manager, Ovibashi Karmu Unnayan Program, Bangladesh), Froilan T. Malit, Jr. (Managing Director, Rights Corridor), Nizar Ahmed (Program Manager, Champions of Change Family Education Services Foundation, Pakistan), Rejimon Kuttapan (journalist, India)


Usapang CQ: COVID sa Middle East (CQ Talks: COVID in the Middle East) (May 16, 2020)    Full video

  • Virtual one-on-one interview with Rights Corridor Managing Director Froilan Malit, Jr., on the update of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Gulf States, by Manila-based social media influencer Malou Talosig-Bartolome.


Updates with Overseas Filipino Workers in the Gulf (May 15, 2020) Full video 

  • RC Dialogues episode hosted by RC Managing Director Froilan Malit, Jr. tackling the importance of healthcare coverage
  • Guests: Filipino civic leaders in Dubai – Jason Bucton, FilCom – Dubai & DNE Chairman 2020; Josie Conlu FilCom – Dubai & DNE Chairman 2019; Nicholo Jallores Social Media Manager, FilCom-Dubai & DNE community volunteer


OFWs vs the Philhealth 3% Mandatory Contribution (May 05, 2020) Full video

  • Illustrado Talks episode on Philippine Universal Healthcare Law Highlighting the Philhealth 3% Mandatory Contribution, hosted by Lalaine Chu-Benitez, Editor-in-Chief (Illustrado Magazine) and Alwee Lorenzo Villarosa, Features Editor (Illustrado Magazine)
  • Special guests: Atty. Barney Almazar, (Associate Director, Gulf Law LLC) and Froilan Malit Jr. (Managing Director, Rights Corridor)


Global Conversations – Frontlines during COVID-19: Migrant Workers in the Gulf Region (May 05, 2020)  View video 

  • Cambridge University Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement periodic webinar Global Conversations’ first episode in a new series, featuring Rights Corridor Managing Director and Gulf migration specialist, Froilan Malit, Jr.


Migration Governance Challenge During the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Case of Nepal (May 02, 2020) Full video

  • RC Dialogues episode that tackled on the effects (short term and long term) on Nepalese migrant workers in Southeast Asia and the Gulf
  • Guests: Human Rights lawyer Anurag Devkota, LLM of Law and Policy Forum for Social Justice (LAPSOJ) and Anuj Tiwari, instructor at the Center for Research and Development (CERAD), King’s College, Nepal.


The Challenges that OFWs Face Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic (April 28, 2020) Full video

  • RC Dialogues episode, virtual discussion tackling the challenges faced by overseas Filipino workers in the UAE and in other parts of the world , as well as the core public services of the Philippine government
  • Guests: Atty. Barney Almazar, director at Gulf Law, UAE and Angel Tesorero, award-winning journalist of Gulf News.


The International Organization for Migration (IOM) UN Migration – Philippines conference titled, “Direct Hiring of Overseas Filipino Workers-Policy Research and Development of Risk Assessment and Due Diligence Guidelines”    Read article 

  • Consultative conference on The Future of Recruitment and Direct Hiring in a Changing World of Work and Migration held at the Dusit Thani Hotel in Makati, Philippines
  • Guest speakers: Froilan Malit, Jr. Rights Corridor managing director, Director Levinson Alcantara (POEA), Dr. Aniceto Orbeta (Philippine Institute for Development Studies), Dr. Nimfa Ogena (UP Population Institute), Marc Capistrano (Staffhouse), and Cesar Averia (EDIStaffbuilders)



Conference Bilateral Labor Agreements, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel  (June 06 – 08, 2021)

  • Sponsored by TraffLab (ERC): Labor Perspectives to Human Trafficking; The Cegla Center for Interdisciplinary Research of the Law; The Minerva Center for Human Rights at the Buchman Faculty of Law, Tel-Aviv University; The Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics, Tel Aviv University, Faculty of Law