Comparative Migrant Reintegration in the Global South

Migrant reintegration is a critical feature of global migration governance.  Despite the vast literature on migrant literature in migration reintegration, little is empirically focused on how and why sending states do organize their migrant reintegration systems.  This project comparatively explores sending states’ migrant reintegration programs in the Global South, particularly analyzing the Asia-Gulf migration corridor.  Using two specific sending cases, namely the Philippines-GCC and Nepal-GCC, we intend to conduct empirical and policy studies exploring the politics and policy dimensions of migrant reintegration and their implications on migrant returnees in the Global South.

Co-Principal Investigators:

Froilan T. Malit, Jr, Managing Director, Rights Corridor (Asia-Gulf)
Dr. Anuj Tiwari, Co-Founder, Center for Migration and International Relations (Nepal)
Santosh Adhikari, PhD Candidate, University of Tasmania