Philippines repatriates over 124,000 overseas Filipinos amid COVID-19 pandemic


The Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) reported on Saturday it has repatriated a total of 124,717 overseas Filipinos amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The number of Filipino repatriates breached the 124,000 mark after 8,924 overseas Filipinos were flown home this week, according to the DFA’s official statement.

In the same statement, the agency said that 39.8% or 49,655 of the repatriated Filipinos are sea-based while 60.2% or 75,062 are land-based.

Meanwhile, of those repatriated this past week, 3,660 were from UAE who were flown in via 13 special commercial repatriation flights and one DFA-chartered flight.

The DFA also welcomed the return of 2,349 Filipino seafarers from Bangladesh, Italy, Spain, Japan, Singapore, Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago.

“Through the help of its various Foreign Service Posts and the Filipino community abroad, the DFA was able to facilitate the repatriation of stranded overseas Filipinos from remote locations such as Mongolia, Palau, and the island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean,” the statement also said.

Moreover, the DFA said it is closely working with the Philippine embassies in Beirut and Tehran to immediately repatriate distressed Filipino nationals in Lebanon and Uzbekistan, respectively.

“The DFA remains unwavering in its commitment to bringing home our distressed nationals abroad wherever they are in the world,” it added. (Source: