‘One rape every five hours’ happens in Nigeria, says Police chief


Nigeria has recorded a harrowing 717 incidents of rapes between the months of January and May this year, which means there is one incident of rape happening every five hours in the country, said Nigeria’s police chief Mohammed Adamu, adding that rape is a serious and wicked offence that Nigerians must report to authorities.

About 799 suspects had so far been arrested and 631 had appeared in court, the police chief told journalists after meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari at the presidential palace in Abuja.

But Mr. Adamu did not speak about the sentences or number of convictions. Activists are concerned that not many trials result in someone being found guilty.

Some of the recent victims were allegedly murdered after being raped prompting a series of protests across Nigeria demanding action from the authorities and communities.

The police chief assured that security agencies are partnering with non-governmental organisations in the areas of training, working with victims and evidence gathering for successful prosecutions as part of efforts to tackle the issue. (Source: BBC)