North Korea denounces UK for sanctions over alleged abuses in prison camps


North Korean government denounced Britain on Saturday, July 11, for freezing the assets of two organisations that the British government alleged of being involved in forced labour, torture and murder in North Korean prison camps.

Britain has announced the sanctions against the two North Korean organisations named as the Ministry of State Security Bureau 7 and Ministry of People’s Security Correctional Bureau, on Monday.

The move which is part of the first sanctions under Britain’s new global human rights regime, is described by North Korean as “violent interference”.

“Britain’s latest move is a flagrant political plot to jump on the bandwagon of the United States’ inimical policy,” a North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesperson said in a statement carried on state media KCNA.

“We strongly condemn and reject the UK’s daring to impose sanctions on the institutions responsible for our country’s security as violent interference in domestic affairs.”

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab announced sanctions against 49 organisations and individuals who are accused of human rights abuses on July 6.

He said the new sanctions regime will target people responsible for the ‘very worst human rights abuses around the world’.

Sanctions on 25 Russians and 20 Saudis were also announced.

The rest are from North Korea and Myanmar.

North Korea and the United States have failed to find a compromise over North Korea’s nuclear weapons programme or international sanctions imposed on Pyongyang.

Recent North Korean statements, including one by Kim Yo Jong, the sister of North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un, have reiterated Pyongyang’s objections to what it sees as hostile and self-serving policies of the United States. (Source: CNA)