Nobel committee calls on Ethiopia’s Abiy Ahmed to end civil war


The Norwegian Nobel Committee, responsible for selecting the Nobel Peace Prize laureates, has joined international community in their call on Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to end the 14-month-long civil war in his country.

Mr. Ahmed, a Nobel laureate who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019, had a special responsibility to see an end to the bloodshed, the committee said in a statement.

Mr. Ahmed had sent troops to fight rebels in the northern Tigray region just a year after getting the prize for ending a long war with Eritrea.

The more than a year-long conflict has forced millions of people from their homes and the government has been accused of blocking aid. There have been multiple allegations of atrocities being committed by all sides.

Mr. Ahmed’s spokesperson Billene Seyoum had previously said that the Nobel Peace Prize was not “a shackle for inaction when the country is threatened”.

The call from the Committee is expected to increase the pressure to find a peaceful resolution for the war. (Source: BBC)