Nigerian police free 15 people chained in ‘prayer house’


Fifteen people kept chained in an illegal so-called prayer house in the Nigeria’s biggest city, Lagos has been rescued by police after a tip off.

The victims were men and women between 19 and 50 years old who were brought there by relatives who believed spiritual treatment could help cure their mental illnesses, drug addictions and other conditions.

This is the latest raid on such privately run facilities, where people are often kept in deplorable conditions.

The man who ran the facility, and called himself a prophet, was arrested.

The 58 year old told police he had been running what he described as a healing ministry since 1986 and that the people had been chained to prevent them from escaping.

“Police are working closely with other agencies of government to provide adequate medical attention and shelter to the victims,” police spokesman BalaElkana said. (Source: BBC)