Netizens angry over arrest of student for social media photo in Tanzania


Mugaya Tungu, a student in Tanzania has been arrested after posting a picture on social media which shows other students queuing up for water, a local human rights organisation says.

He snapped the photo of his fellow students queuing up with colourful plastic buckets, and posted it online where it ended up being widely circulated. He was arrested shortly after in his room, the Tanzania Human Rights Defenders Coalition said.

Mr Tungu has not been charged of any offence yet and the police have not said anything about the case, but it is believed he will be charged under Tanzania’s Cybercrimes Act.

The case has sparked a reaction on social media by people shocked at what they consider to be the latest assault on human rights in the country:

Human rights organisations have repeatedly expressed their concerns about what is perceived as a decline of civil liberties in the country during the presidency of John Magafuli. (Source: BBC)