Motorcycle assault video of female driver sparks manhunt in Kenya


The Kenyan police are searching for a group of notorious motorcycle riders caught on camera assaulting a female driver in the capital Nairobi.

In a widely circulated disturbing video, a woman can be seen screaming and struggling to push off the hands of men who were trying to undress her while others ordered that she be removed from inside her car.

The rowdy gang managed to strip the woman half-naked.

It is alleged that there was an accident involving the woman’s car and a motorcycle operator, or boda boda rider, as they are known in Kenya.

The video has caused an uproar in the country and Kenyan netizens have demanded action with activists accusing the government of allowing lawlessness to thrive among the motorcycle riders.

A huge number ride recklessly and whenever one of them is involved in a traffic accident they are known to show up at the scene in large numbers, hooting, harassing motorists and threatening to lynch car drivers.

In 2020, a group of motorcycle riders were caught on camera attacking a driver on Thika Superhighway after he reportedly hit their colleague. (Source: BBC)