Medical charity demands answers over killed staffers in Tigray


Humanitarian medical organisation Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is seeking answers from the Ethiopian government after a media report said its security forces killed three MSF staffers in conflict-hit region of Tigray last year.

The New York Times on Thursday published an investigation into the killings of María Hernández, Tedros Gebremariam, and Yohannes Halefom whose remains were found near their burned-out vehicle in Tigray.

The investigation places the responsibility for their deaths on retreating Ethiopian soldiers on the orders of an Ethiopian commander who was angered by their presence in an active combat zone.

The paper says it interviewed investigators, senior aid officials and Ethiopian soldiers about the incident.

One witness said the aid workers, who had been searching for those wounded in the war zone, had their hands over their heads when they were shot.

A brutal war erupted in Tigray in November 2020 when the government fell out the region’s ruling TPLF party – and has spread to the neighbouring regions.

MSF says it is clear the killings were intentional, but it wants to understand the exact circumstances of what happened and who was behind it.

The Ethiopian government is yet to respond to The New York Times’s allegations. (Source: BBC)