Malian security forces fired tear gas at anti-govt. protesters


Security forces in the Malian capital Bamako fired tear gas to disperse thousands of demonstrators on their second day of protest demanding the resignation of President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta.

The protesters spent the night on the streets after holding a march which started on Tuesday.

The rally marked a resumption of opposition protests after a weeks-long truce in the June 05 Movement’s push to topple the 75-year-old leader.

The loose alliance of opposition and religious leaders has been channelling deep anger in Mali over a dire economy, perceived government corruption and an eight-year jihadist conflict.

Its campaign plunged Mali into crisis last month when 11 people died during three days of unrest following an anti-Keita protest, in the worst political strife Mali has seen in years.

Regional efforts to bring an end to the crisis have failed, with the opposition refusing to compromise on their demand that the president resigns. (Source: BBC)