Israeli military targets wrong building, kills eight with airstrike


The Israeli military recently admitted they made a mistake in targeting a building for an airstrike which killed eight people, including five children. Israeli Defense sources said they are investigating the incident.

Israeli defense sources later admitted to Haaretz newspaper they had made a mistake in targeting the building, which they had thought would be empty.

“Israel targeted Islamic Jihad military infrastructure in Deir al -Balah. According to the information available to the [Israeli army] at the time of the strike, no civilians were expected to be harmed as a result these strikes,” a spokesperson told The Independent.

“The [Israeli military] is investigating the harm caused to civilians by the strike,” she added.

Avichay Adraee, a military spokesman initially said that the strike took out ‘Rasmi Abu Malhous,’ an Islamic Jihad commander in the centre of the 25-mile-long enclave. He included a photo of the militant, clad in camouflage.

But local journalists and neighbours in Deir al-Balah, where the strike took place,claimed the family was impoverished shepherds.

They said that the man who died in the strike did not resemble the photo shared by the Israeli forces but was rather his brother.

A shaky ceasefire between Islamic Jihad fighters in Gaza and the Israeli military tentatively held on Friday, broken in part by a few barrages of rocket fire and retaliatory Israeli airstrikes.

The Egypt-brokered truce had ended two days of fierce cross-border fighting, triggered on Tuesday by Israel’s targeted killing of Islamic Jihad northern commander Bahaa Abu al-Ata whom they said was planning “imminent” attacks on southern Israel.

Israel and militants in Gaza have teetered on the brink of war multiple times over the last year but have yet to hammer out a long-term ceasefire.

Tensions have reached breaking point due to the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza, which is home to nearly two million people and has struggled under a 12-year-long Israeli and Egyptian imposed blockade. (Source: Independent UK )