Hundreds of factory workers protest over low wages in Thailand


Over 300 handbag factory workers staged a protest last Saturday in front of their workplace in Thailand’s Buri Ram’s Lam Plai Mat district, accusing their employer of underpaying employees.

The workers protested against a decision by their employer to reduce their daily income to 198 baht per day earlier this year.

“We’ve had enough, and we’ve gathered here to seek justice,” Thanathorn Khampansungnoen, 34, said.

Earlier this year, the workers accepted cost-cutting measures the factory’s owner took amid COVID-19 lockdowns. The workers agreed to take a three-month daily pay cut instead of the regular 320 baht per day.

After receiving three months of reduced wages, the workers are now calling on their employer to restore their daily rate, whether or not the factory is receiving product orders.

They are also calling on the authorities to oversee the employer’s labour policy.

Meanwhile, Triumph International has denied allegations that it was linked to a garment factory that laid off 800 employees on Friday.

In a statement issued by Switzerland-based Triumph Holding AG yesterday, the company said it sold the factory years ago.

“In fact, Triumph has handed over its Thai production network ‘Body Fashion Thailand’ (BFT) in January 2016 to Malaysian textile and apparel entrepreneur Robert Ng,” Olaf Kratz, head of corporate communications, said.

The sale of the facility by Triumph in 2016 was part of the restructuring of its global supply chain to focus only on marketing and sales, the statement added. (Source: Bangkok Post)