Hun Sen refuses entry of 150 Cambodians from Malaysia


Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen said Tuesday that he decided to deny the re-entry of 150 workers planning to return to the country from Malaysia.

Speaking at a press conference on COVID-19, Hun Sen said he has to turn down the planned return on of  Cambodians who have been working in Malaysia, for the safety of the country’s population of 15 million people.

He said most of the nation’s confirmed cases have been imported from foreign countries, and by Cambodians coming from Malaysia who had attended a religious event there.

To date, 115 people in the country have tested positive for coronavirus, of which 29 are Cambodians. Of the total cases, 58 have fully recovered.

Although the situation in Cambodia has not reached a critical stage, the prime minister has decided to cancel the annual celebration of Cambodia’s New Year from April 13 to 15. He says the move is necessary to help avoid the spread of the virus from mass travelling across the country. (Source: Mainichi Japan)