Houthis continue to recruit child fighters, Yemeni minister says


Yemen’s Houthi militia is continuing its operations of recruiting child fighters through so-called education centres, the country’s internationally recognised government warned.

Yemen’s minister of information Muammar Al-Eryani told the Yemeni news Agency, SABA, that the militia recruited children as they join so-called “summer (education) camps,” deploying them on the battlefronts.

He said the Iranian-backed terrorist group mobilized tens of thousands of children in areas under its control, and spread propaganda among them that promoted hatred, violence, and terror.

Eryani said this sectarian rhetoric was being imported from Tehran.

This will pose “dangers to the social fabric, civil peace and the values of coexistence between Yemenis.”

Al-Eryani stressed that the Houthi militia’s continued policy of mobilizing and manipulating the minds of children represented a major obstacle to the efforts made by brotherly and friendly countries to peace and security. (Source: Arab News)