Hong Kong police chief appeals for peaceful Sunday protest march


Hong Kong police chief Chris Tang calls for peace and order from protesters who have scheduled  an anti-government march on Sunday, December 08. Tang, who was appointed to the position last month, also called on protesters to stop any illegal activities and for event organizers to renounce violence.

“I hope the people of Hong Kong can show the world we can host large-scale rallies in a peaceful and orderly manner. I also urge the event organizer to show courage and condemn violence when they see it,” Tang said.

Permission for Sunday’s march was granted to the Civil Human Rights Front, whose marches in June drew some 2 million people.

“It was a relatively peaceful two weeks, unfortunately ruined by rioters who blocked roads, set fire and threw fire bombs in last weekend’s (protests),” Tang told reporters at the airport while headed to Beijing. “I hope these violent protesters stop their illegal acts.”

Police fired around 180 tear gas canisters and other projectiles at protesters blocking roads in various districts following a mostly peaceful march last Sunday in the Tsim Sha Tsui area of Kowloon.

The police said protesters threw bricks and “smoke bombs” at them, and nearly 60 people were arrested.

Mass protests began in Hong Kong in June over a contentious bill that sought to allow extraditions to mainland China. Even though the bill was withdrawn in October amid strong popular opposition, the protests have expanded to include calls for police accountability and greater democracy.

Government leader Carrie Lam, whose popularity took a nosedive for her leading role in pushing the extradition bill and her defense of police use of force against protesters, survived an impeachment vote in the legislature on Thursday, with the help of pro Beijing lawmakers.

The impeachment motion was postponed from July, when the legislature was shut down after protesters stormed and damaged part of the building on July 1. (Source: Mainichi Japan)