Govt. prepares to rescue ‘traumatised’ Filipinos in Israel and Gaza – Envoy


The Philippine labour attaché to Israel reported that many Filipinos in the coastal areas and in Gaza strip are left in trauma amid the escalating violence and non-stop barrage of rocket fires.

Israel Labour Attaché Rodolfo Gabasan said there are no reported injuries or deaths among Filipinos in Israel, but many are suffering from trauma amid rocket attacks and the sound of violence in the cities.

“Because of the intensity of consecutive explosions, many Filipinos are left traumatized,” he said in an online media forum.

“Filipinos are not used to the sound of explosions. Those sounds of fatal explosions can cause us trauma.”

Gabasan also said the Philippine labour authorities are preparing for rescue amid the escalating conflict between Israeli security forces and Palestinian militants.

The Philippines’ crisis management committee in Israel is readying a plan if the Israel government opts for a land invasion of Gaza.

According to Gabasan, around 300 Filipinos are staying in Ashdod and Ashkelon that are being targeted by the worst rocket attacks from Hamas, an Islamist militant group based in Gaza.

The labour attaché added that should the situation further escalate, Filipinos in Ashdod and Ashkelon would have to be prioritized for rescue.

“They are the priority if the situation escalates to a war. We have to evacuate them to a safer place,” said the attaché.

Labour authorities are looking at around 100 Filipinos in the said cities who are willing to be rescued, but Gabasan said that Filipinos could not be extracted yet in the two cities because of the still on-going rocket offensives.

According to Gabasan, 10 Filipinos in Gaza need to be rescued more urgently amid worse attacks in the territory as the Israeli military retaliates. Gabasan said they are not overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) but those who have married Palestinian nationals.

Gabasan said the Philippine Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel is already coordinating with the Philippine Embassy in Amman, Jordan, which has jurisdiction over Filipinos in the Gaza Strip, to extract the 10 Filipinos in case of a ceasefire or truce.

He also advised Filipinos in Israel to follow measures being imposed by the Israeli government and to immediately seek refuge in bomb shelters when sirens are sounded.

Filipino authorities have already coordinated with churches in Tel Aviv and the hotel association in Israel for the availability of staging and evacuation areas for Filipinos who would be extracted from Ashkelon and Ashdod.

Gabasan said that under alert level 1, the priority for Filipinos is to get to a safe place, not immediate repatriation. He said a deployment ban for Israel will be imposed once the alert status is raised to level 2.

There are around 29,700 OFWs in Israel, including 24,000 who still have their work visas. (Source: