Fifty-eight migrants drown after boat capsizes off Mauritania coast


A vessel carrying an estimated 150 migrants sank as it approached the coast of Mauritania on Wednesday.

At least 58 men, women and children are confirmed dead.

Eighty-three others, including two women and at least 10 minors who managed to swim to shore are receiving medical assistance.

The vessel left Gambia last Wednesday, November 27, bound for the Canary Islands when it ran low on fuel, IOM Mauritania Chief of Mission Laura Lungarotti said.

“At the moment, access to migrants is limited as they are recovering from the shock and under the protection of the authorities,” she said. “IOM staffs are supporting the medical response by providing first aid kits, blankets and other supplies.”

Consular officials from Gambia are meeting today with the survivors.

The injured have been transferred to the city hospital. An IOM doctor will support the local response. (Source: IOM)