EU foreign policy chief condemns deadly violence in Myanmar


The EU‘s high representative and vice president, Josep Borrell on Saturday condemned the increasing deadly violence in Myanmar and called for the restoration of democracy, after two people were killed by security forces who fired live rounds on protesters.

Mr. Borrell tweeted: “I strongly condemn the violence against peaceful civilian protestors by the military. I urge the military and all security forces in Myanmar to immediately stop violence against civilians.”

He also added, a meeting in Brussels of EU foreign ministers on Monday “will discuss … the latest events in Myanmar to take appropriate decisions”.

His comments came after security forces in Myanmar’s second city of Mandalay fired live ammunition and rubber bullets at protesters demonstrating against the country’s junta, which deposed civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi in a Feb 01 coup.

Two people were killed, including a boy shot in the head, emergency workers said.

The European Commission on Friday had already reacted to the death of another protester fatally shot in the head with a live round during a demonstration on Feb 09.

A spokeswoman called for a “transparent” investigation into that death so that “those responsible answer for their acts”.

A senior EU official said the EU ministers’ meeting on Monday was expected to move towards sanctioning Myanmar military officers.

Protesters have taken to the streets this month after the military took over and detained the nation’s leader following her party’s landslide victory in November’s elections.

Authorities have responded with increasing force, deploying troops against peaceful rallies and firing tear gas, water cannon and rubber bullets, with incidents of live rounds being used. (Source: CNA)