Crackdown on journalists ‘unlawful’, Ethiopia rights body says


Ethiopia’s state-appointed human rights body has condemned the recent wave of arrest of journalists in the country and called it “unlawful”.

At least 19 media workers have been detained in recent days by the central government in a crackdown on journalist and independent media.

Ethiopia’s Human Rights Commission said the action of the government is a new low for the country and called for their immediate release.

Maaza Mohammed, an editor of a YouTube channel that has been critical of the government, was among those arrested on Saturday.

She spent more than a month in detention late last year when Ethiopia issued an emergency decree in connection with the civil war in the country’s north.

The mass arrests began last week, coinciding with the launch of what authorities have called a “law enforcement operation” in one of the country’s regions, Amhara, where more than 4,000 people have been detained in under two weeks.

The commission’s head, Daniel Bekele, called the move “a new low” for a country that has often been accused of creating a hostile environment for independent media. (Source: BBC)