Challenges in labour migration governance during the COVID-19 pandemic: The case of Thailand


By Rights Corridor Staff

Rights Corridor on Friday (Oct 16), held another informative discussion on its virtual program, RC Dialogues, which explored the current situation of the migrant workers in Thailand who were  impacted by the global coronavirus pandemic.

RC Dialogues has invited Nithis Thammasaengadipha, a researcher at the at the Asian Research Center for Migration, Institute of Asian Studies, Chulalongkorn University, in Thailand and Sinapan Samydorai, regional coordinator of Task Force on ASEAN Migrant Workers (TFAMW) as the episode’s distinguished guest speakers.

During the virtual discussion, Mr. Thammasaengadipha shared the recent report commissioned by the Thai government on the pandemic and its effects on the migrant workers.

On the other hand, Mr. Samydorai, who is a migration scholar, policy advocate and activist for many decades in the ASEAN region, offered his expert opinion to Mr. Thammasaengadipha’s presentation, as well as his reflection on the broader ASEAN migration issues, specifically linked to Thailand.

The discussion was spearheaded by Froilan Malit, Jr., Rights Corridor managing director and host of the regional online regional news and policy research portal’s virtual program. Watch the webinar.