12 Migrants found inside refrigerated lorry alive in Belgium


Twelve migrants have been found alive in the back of a refrigerated lorry at a port in Belgium less than a week after 39 bodies were found in the back of a refrigerated lorry in Essex.

The group of men had crawled into the back of the vehicle near Antwerp on October 29, prompting the driver to contact police.

A spokesperson for the Belgian federal police said traffic officers had then checked the lorry, which was carrying fruit and vegetables, and found 11 Syrians and one Sudanese man.

They were taken to a police office in Antwerp and are now being dealt with by immigration officials.

The discovery comes amid heightened concerns over people smuggling into the UK, following the discovery of the 39 bodies in the back of a refrigerated lorry in Grays, Essex last Wednesday.

The discovery of the group of 12 migrants also comes as a further 28 people were arrested in Antwerp in the early hours of Tuesday morning, amid a clampdown on illegal immigration and people trafficking.

Of the 28, one is from Ethiopia, seven are from Sudan and 10 are from Eritrea. Of the group, 11 are said to be minors, The Brussels Times reported. (Source: Independent UK)